MetaMuseum Feature List

Among the specific features we will offer:

  1. Quick and easy startup for your site. Using simple web forms, you set up your own site without any technical expertise. Using our flexible templates and options, you can design your own "look and feel" without doing any HTML coding for FTP transfer. You can even upload picture files from a web form!
  2. We register your museum site with major search engines.
  3. We provide a form-based e-mail newsletter system so you can inform to subscribers to your site of news, special exhibits, etc.
  4. Advice on all aspects of site construction, maintenance, publicity, and other topics important to museum web site administrators, including how to choose a scanner for your museum.
  5. We can scan photographs of your exhibits for your site.
  6. You don't even need your own museum. The average home collector with a few items can set up a complete museum web site without having the cost of a physical building.
  7. We can work with you on design issues and/or give you a professional review of your site from the following perspectives:
    • Aesthetic design and content critique by an expert in the visual display of information
    • Technological issues -- speed of page loading, balance of information vs. page views, checking links to make sure they connect, etc.